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How to distinguish between the acetate frame and the plastic frame?
Sep 07, 2017

The real sense of the acetate and ordinary plastic products there is a big difference. Plate name cellulose acetate, belonging to the thermoplastic material. It has good transparency, easy to color, easy processing polishing, feel good, good processing performance, will not be aging, not easy to burn, light resistance, and will not be affected by human skin or body effects of changes and other characteristics. From the processing point of view, the plate and ordinary plastic is also very different, it must go from a piece of raw materials on the board frame and mirror foot cut out, and then rigorous grinding, polishing and other procedures, and finally with the hinge frame and The complex procedure of the mirror feet. The use of this processing method to produce the product quality is good, but the cost will be much higher. At the same time, due to the frame and the mirror there is a certain degree of curvature and proportion of the design and production process accuracy requirements are higher.

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