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Polarized light
Feb 24, 2017

The light from the Sun or artificial light such as light bulbs, vibration and spread in all directions. Regardless of light propagation, reflection, divergent, or refraction when light in one or more Planar direction of vibration, we said light polarization. Polarizing processes can occur naturally, can also be artificial stimulation. Every time you look at the Lake to see the glare is an example of a natural polarization. Glare reflected from the Lake failed to cross the Lake of "filter" light, which is why even though the Lake is very clear reasons for not be able to see objects under the Lake.

Polarization filters is generally by a chemical film coating in a transparent layer of plastic or made of glass surface. Typically, the molecules in the compound is a natural parallel to each other. When them evenly over the lens when these molecules form a small lens capable of absorbing all their orientation the same light.

Forcing you to have to wear sunglasses most of the glare from a horizontal surface, such as water and highways. When the light reaches a surface, the reflected light will be polarized, direction and angle on the surface of the same. Thus, a reflection of higher level surface, such as the Lake, can produce a lot of horizontally polarized light. Therefore, sunglasses polarized lenses fixed at an angle so that only vertically polarized light through the lens. You can use the following methods to observe this principle: wear Polarized Sunglasses, and then observe a horizontal surface, such as the hood of the car. Slowly tilt your head left or right. You will find the glare from the surface as you sight angle adjustment becomes brighter.

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