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Sunglasses market
Feb 24, 2017

Many famous brands, such as Nike, Timberland, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, etc, are sunglasses as part of their product line. Many sunglasses manufacturer on product characteristics and special textures and publicity. According to the different characteristics and brands, sunglasses price will be less than $20 to hundreds of dollars to float.

In addition, counterfeit products on the market. Time to shop discount stores and flea markets, you'll find vendors selling counterfeit counterfeit of premium designer sunglasses, looks exactly the same in appearance, but the price is much lower than the real thing. When you buy true brand sunglasses when instead of a counterfeit, you spend a lot of money to buy just one brand, is the essence of true difference?

Cheap sunglasses, the biggest problem is the lens to produce it. They are just simple ordinary plastic coated with a layer of colored film. Even if these fake color and frame Oakley X-Metal Romeos or Ray-Ban-like Predators, but the actual lens is very different.

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