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The uniqueness of wooden glasses
May 07, 2018


Can you hear the noise of the water and the rustling of the leaves? But being processed into glasses, still live in the world, after only a thousand times of polishing just came to you, your mind's breeze shuttled inside the body.

Wood glasses is not just a product; it should be a concept, a kind of insight and understanding - the mystery of the natural cycle.

The method of creation of wooden glasses is self-taught and has failed numerous times. But every time I see wood will become a frame in our hands of the wood spectacles workers. That kind of mood is indescribable. Hand-made wooden glasses every step of the process. Whether it is the shape of wood glasses, wood material and natural texture is to bring its unique owner.

From the very beginning there was a very specific vision of what wooden glasses should look like. And do not want anyone to see the wooden eyeglass frame will say "Look, those are obviously made of wood." But want to provide frames, at first glance, will only notice that this is a beautiful frame, and then Only realize that they are actually made of an incredibly unique and natural material!

Wood glasses really "human" and "natural" design concept! Adhere to "personality and originality." The pursuit of simplicity is not a simple casual style.

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