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Three light types associated with sunglasses
Feb 24, 2017

Stay out of the direct light--light from a light source (such as solar) directly into your eyes. Too much direct sunlight will make details of the surroundings look blurry, but also can cause you to have trouble with the line of sight.

Reflected light--reflected light is often in the form of glare. Reflected light is reflected from an object of light reflected back to the eye. As with direct light, strong reflected light makes it hard to perceive details or look directly at an object. Snow, water, glass and white sand are very good reflectors.

--Diffuse diffuse light just after a rebound in the direction many scattered light and thus looks this light does not have a certain type of light source. A typical example of a diffuse light is the glow over the city. For which it is difficult to identify a single source. When there is no direct light source, we can still see something, and this is the contribution of the diffused light.

High quality sunglasses can eliminate ultraviolet spectrum, reducing direct light to make people feel comfortable, and can eliminate or reduce the reflected light (depending on the reflector).

An interesting characteristic of the light is polarized. When reflected from the surface, such as water, light polarization. Because of the polarization characteristics of reflected light, Polarized Sunglasses can eliminate water or similar reflective surfaces reflect light.

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