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What is glare
Feb 24, 2017

Unit of measure of the brightness or intensity of the light is lumens. For example, in the room, most of the artificial light intensity is 400 to 600 lumens. If in the sunny outdoors, floating in a very wide range of brightness, shade 1000 lumens of brightness, the highways, where there are large slabs of concrete, 6000 lumens brightness. In the brightness of 3500 lumens, our eyes are feeling very comfortable. When direct light or brightness of the reflected light reaches 4000 lumen, the human eye receives light starts to get hard. 

When we try to look at these very bright areas will only see a white Flash, this is the glare. In order to reduce a lot of light to enter the eye and cause discomfort, we begin to squint. Once the brightness reaches 10,000 lumen, your eyes received light is too strong and fully filtered light. In such a long time exposure to intense light can be harmful, leading to temporary or even permanent blindness. On a clear day, a large area of snow reflected light can be as high as 12,000 lumens, if we look directly at the light without any measures of protection would result in "snow blindness".

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