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What is the reason for wearing a sunglasses head
Aug 13, 2018

If the sunglasses have a feeling of halo, it may be caused by the tightness of the temples, the pressure of the nose pads, or the sphericity of the lenses themselves, prismatic parameters and other parameters. Regarding the multicolored phenomenon of the lens, in principle, it has nothing to do with dizziness, but it may cause poor visual effects. The reason for the multicolored may be the problem of the process when the lens is shot or the problem of the liquid. More than 8 bends of sunglasses are also a number of degrees, it may also cause dizziness. Supplement: The angle of the nose pads is mostly adjustable, and dizziness is also very likely that the sunglasses are unqualified and should be stopped.

The following are dizziness caused by non-quality issues:

◆ For the first time wearing sunglasses, there will be some people who have dizziness, which can be adapted after wearing for a period of time. This is mainly related to the sensitivity of the eyes;

◆Secondly, the big-framed sunglasses with large curvature wear dizziness. This is because sunglasses have a certain degree. The greater the curvature, the greater the degree, the optical center with the degree, and the distance between the optical center of the large frame and the distance of the human eye. When some people wear it, they will feel dizzy.

◆ There is also glaucoma wearing sunglasses will also dizzy, here is not a detailed explanation, the specific reasons can consult the local doctor.

◆When the light is dark, wear sunglasses. The sunglasses themselves have the effect of weakening the light. At this time, wearing sunglasses will cause the eye pressure to rise and cause dizziness.

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