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Who is not suitable for wearing sunglasses
Jul 03, 2018

1. Glaucoma patients: due to the aqueous circulation disorder, the intraocular pressure is increased, causing the optic papilla to shrink and the visual field to be deficient, resulting in decreased vision. If you wear sunglasses, the pupils will be enlarged, the pupils will be enlarged, and the water circulation disorder in the eyes will be aggravated, so that the already high intraocular pressure will be further increased, which will not only worsen the condition, increase the suffering of the patients, and even cause blindness.

2. Patients with optic nerve retinitis: wearing sunglasses in this patient will aggravate the conduction disorder of the optic nerve and is not good for rehabilitation.

3. Color blind patients: full color blind wear sunglasses without serious problems. However, due to the fact that all-color blindness is rare, most of them are partially color-blind, and they lack recognition ability for several colors. Wearing such sunglasses can make color discrimination more difficult. Who is not suitable for wearing sunglasses

 4. Night blindness patients: In the elderly with night blindness, because the long-term intake of vitamin A is insufficient, the retinal that participates in the dark visual reaction in the body cannot be effectively supplemented, so in the dim light, the patient's vision will be affected, so Suitable for wearing sunglasses.

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