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Why do you need color-changing glasses or sunglasses in winter
Aug 04, 2018

Many people think that winter can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, thinking that you don't have to wear color-changing glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes before going out every day. In fact, this idea is not correct enough!

Why is ultraviolet light more harmful in winter?

1. Experts pointed out that the winter is very cool in the autumn, the clouds are very thin, the ultraviolet rays are still very strong, even more harmful than the summer!

2. Due to the pleasant scenery in autumn, the autumn is high and the outdoor activities are more time-consuming;

Therefore, the eye UV protection in autumn is still urgent!

Color-changing lenses, also known as "photosensitive lenses." Because the silver halide chemical is added to the lens, the original transparent and colorless lens will become a colored lens when it is exposed to strong light, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The color-changing lens is made of optical glass containing silver halide microcrystals. According to the principle of reversible reaction of light-color interconversion, it can be quickly darkened under sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, completely absorbs ultraviolet light, and is neutrally absorbed by visible light; Can quickly restore colorless and transparent.

The color-changing lens is mainly used in the open field, snow, indoor strong light source workplace to prevent sun, ultraviolet light, glare and light damage to the eye.

In plain words, it is under strong light that the silver halide inside turns into black silver particles.

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