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Children's Sunglasses Purchase
Feb 24, 2017

The purpose of wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, not affected by strong light or stimulation of the harmful ultraviolet rays that are not visible. But if not used properly, would be counterproductive. Then choose what kind of sunglasses is good? When buying sunglasses, first of all should use stronger, lens color to gray or smoky as well, which causes minimum color distortion, color sense is best, followed by green or brown. Orange, yellow, green, red, blue or purple, color sense because they are poor, particularly the identification of the traffic lights, accidents, better not to use.

The best protective lenses are made of high quality optical glass or plastic, plastic more impact-resistant than glass, but the disadvantage is that the surface is easy to wear. When you buy a flat mirror, inspection mirror with light scratches, texture, bubbles, spots and other defects. Testing methods are: mirrors in half an arm distance, watched the doors and Windows

Objects with the vertical and horizontal lines, slowly from top to bottom and move around, if an object line fluctuations, that produces distortion. Vision correction lenses cannot be used with this method, because some distortion is used to correct vision. In addition, to check the consistency of the shade and the color of the two lens. Otherwise it may affect the sense of distance and eye fatigue.

Frames are made of sturdy plastic or metal, when the ears, the nose and temples should be comfort. Dark frames are much better than light, because the brightness of the light frames may affect vision.

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