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Children Sunglasses
Feb 24, 2017

Children's sunglasses is to protect the eyes, not affected by strong light or stimulation of the harmful ultraviolet rays that are not visible.

Sunglasses worn improperly predisposed to diseases of the eye, cloudy, indoor and dark situations, such as no need to wear sunglasses. Some people do not place, regardless of the intensity of sunlight, even in the twilight, in the evening, as well as in movies, television is wearing sunglasses, this will inevitably increase the burden of eye adjustment, causing eye strain and fatigue, decreased Visual acuity, blurred vision, severe dizziness and other symptoms may occur. For imperfect Visual system development in infants, children, who are not wearing sunglasses. Besides glass sunglasses, and abrasion resistance of lenses of other materials is not high, users should always pay attention to surface conditions at sunglasses, when wear-definition, and should be replaced.

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