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Eye Candy
Feb 24, 2017

"Crystal eyes" was for a long time, traditional medicine, the pupil of the eye of God, spleen and kidney, kidney water so that water wheel. Crystal water is "fine", is with cold water and condensation, and therefore crystal glasses to replenishing vital essence to tonify kidney and eye of God. For many years, the continuous development of science, "Crystal eye" the new little-known.

Crystalline silica, is the main component of rocks such as granite, Quartz. Texture pure of Crystal colorless transparent, also called natural quartz, but nature in the real rare, price is expensive, and we by see made glasses of Crystal are is artificial manufacturing of, contains impurities, due to impurities distribution not are, can formed fog-like or article-like pattern, caused folding make scattered, transparency poor, also can makes on eyes harmful of UV, infrared through, these will effect depending on real, and makes children eyes easy occurred fatigue, aggravated flexor light not are of development. So crystal glasses the eyes not only of children are not protected, and harmful to the child's eye.

At present, from the point of view of scientific development, Crystal glasses has become an obsolete material.

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