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Harm Of Wear And Deformation
Feb 24, 2017

Glasses have become many daily necessities of life, its mission is not only required to see clearly before you can, more importantly taking into account a comfort in a mirror. But the glasses are so slender, often distorted and often wears a pair of glasses for our eye health effects of deformation is very big.

A tilt, level: the level of the left and right leg of inconsistency, spectacle frame deformation tilted nose, two ears wearing highly inconsistent. Wearing this type of frame for a long time can produce dizziness, fatigue phenomenon. So long can lead to eye Center offset. Woo Hing mastery production TR glasses box uses the high polymer material, acted upon deformation can easily recover, not afraid of squeeze and impact.

Second, the frames offset horizontally, common causes for this situation are:

1, in most cases, as a result of inconsistent leg angle the mirror, particularly larger offset, and angle;

2, nose pads the left or right is inconsistent, which is easily observed;

3 points, left and right leg bending length is inconsistent, bias is too short, pull to the side glasses;

4, about the individual wearing the face width of the differences or different left and right ear of front and rear position.

Long term wear these types of frames can cause dizziness, blurred vision and so on, will cause the main perspective of serious deviation.

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