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Optical Glasses
Feb 24, 2017

Use of lenses, prisms, contact lenses, artificial lens correct vision to eliminate eye fatigue, eye protection or treatment.

Many different kinds of glasses, correction of a refractive optical glasses and contact lenses, correction of aphakia outside of contact lenses, intraocular lens implantation. In addition there are a variety of protective glasses, mirror and correction of low vision AIDS and so on, all lenses are the thin-lens, the focal length of the lens (meters) countdown.

Lenses are divided into spherical lenses and cylindrical lenses. Part of a curved surface is spherical ball lens, according to the parallel light polymerization or separated into convex or concave spherical ball lens lenses.

Convex spherical lens used to correct hyperopia, presbyopia and aphakia, concave spherical lenses for the correction of myopia, and lens surfaces as part of a column, parallel to the axis of the cylindrical lenses and cylindrical, the direction of the axis No refractive power, inflected with the axis perpendicular to the direction the biggest force, and convex cylindrical lenses or concave cylindrical lenses, respectively, for the correction of hyperopia or myopia astigmatism.

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