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Process And Function Of Spectacle Frames
Feb 24, 2017

Glasses box what is the process? Fuel injection, metal craft, color TR technology, sheet metal, color and TR processes. Then we will explain the various techniques of performance.

1. injection technique: paint on the surface, easy to wash, and a flat color, the skin to some disadvantages;

2. metal: too heavy, increase pressure on nose, surface paint easily drop, processing costs are high, colors are single;

3. double-TR: not changing color rigid, subsequent processing complex, the surface effect is not HD

TR color: commonly known as in-mould injection, this technology completely solves the above disadvantages, it is in-mould injection moulding technology, English title: In-Mold Decoration, abbreviations abbreviation IML/IMD. IMD is the printed patterns of diaphragm in metal mold (mould), through a plastic injection molding machine (resin) plastic injection mold with diaphragm interface makes printing a pattern of diaphragms integrated with plastic and a fitting method of solid material into finished products. Yuxing access team, after study, practice using IMD technology for 15 years. At first, is widely used in household appliance Panel, mobile phones and other areas over the years, the last 5 years the company team to meet the market demand, after efforts to develop upgraded IMD technology was successfully applied to the glass industry, and achieved very good economic results. By the majority of glasses integrators and customers. Because with this patch + ink + plastic technology of three-layer synthetic glasses frame or glasses, stylish, lightweight, texture rich is selective, and so on.

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