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Save Our Tired Eyes
Feb 24, 2017

Believe it or not, we blink every 17,000 times. It is no wonder that our eyes would occasionally feel tired. That is why we have to learn to take care of our small knowledge of the eye. To learn how to take good care of our window of the soul.

When you think about what our eyes as we do when we really should be thankful to our eyes. At least every two years to make a 30-minute examination. If you are over 40 years old or you have the eye disease, you should have more frequent eye examinations. If you have a family, and with my family to get tested is a healthy and pleasant things.

UV damage is often irreversible. You heard that right, cannot be repaired! These harmful rays are likely made of water, sand and snow, and they can cause cataracts and corneal changes. Higher elevations where the corresponding higher UV radiation. UV damage can accumulate, meaning that in the course of your entire life, you UV damage continue to accumulate. Even more frightening is that eye face skin cancer 5% to 10% per cent of all skin cancers. We are remember sets Shang (slip) t-, coated Shang (slop) anti-sun cream, buckle Shang (slap) hat this prevention skin cancer of slogans, but wearing Sun mirror of importance increasingly was stressed, that cancer Committee in 2007 will wear (slide) Sun mirror also joined has this slogans, into has sets Shang (slip) t-, coated Shang (slop) anti-sun cream, buckle Shang (slap) hat, found (seek) tree shade, wear (slide) Sun mirror.

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