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Sunglasses Usage Considerations
Feb 24, 2017

Summer is the sunglasses world, fashion, beauty, radiation, which makes people more like wearing sunglasses, but experts point out that, to be more careful when choosing sunglasses, can't just focus on style, but sunglasses quality problems. Following four failed sunglasses never worn:

1, anti-UV false sunglasses. Good lenses can block more than 99% of the UV, and the identified UV400 lens is 100% (99.99%), block UV rays. Poor wearingUV protection sunglasses, eyes seen in a dark room, when pupils get bigger, remnants of the UV rays but massive injection in the eyes, make the eyes hurt. Best to store or in the famous glasses net purchases or store purchases. Be sure not to buy in the little stall, although those sunglasses can block UV rays, but lenses work are not in place, that are not qualified, do not buy it because it's cheap, bad eyes caused varying degrees of damage to the eyes.

2, the transmission failed sunglasses. After wearing the sunglasses will have traffic signals to identify obstacles, and extremely easy to cause a traffic accident. All sunglasses, including professional drivers mirror, mirror moving mirror, fishing ... ... Except for myopia and glasses) and simple identification methods, sunglasses can be placed through the lens to observe the distant goal, such as the window frame or door frame, then move the glasses up and down before and after, the goal should not wiggle and wave-shaped deformation.

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